Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Moss Back in Minn.

NEWS: ESPN's Adam Schefter reports Patriots will trade Randy Moss to Vikings for a third round draft pick.

REACTION: The Pats must have a lot of faith in their young receiving corp to make this trade. Then again, with the help of Brady, new stars are emerging left and right in New England. As for the Vikings, Moss should fill in nicely for injured Sidney Rice, and provide an even more solid passing attack when Rice returns. Guess it'll be up to Favre at that point...

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  1. And who are the Vikes playing this week? The Jets... on the night of Revis' return. Hey - The trade, at least, ignites some additional drama in the Monday night match up.

  2. Besides this being a Belichick's ego move, I think the Vikings had to go with a ready now receiver. I like Greg Camarillo with the bit of him I saw on MNF, but I think anytime you can get a player like Randy Moss, Now is the Time!


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