Sunday, October 3, 2010

Money Down: Week 4 Best Bets

Wow, I really need to get these predictions posted sooner. I picked my best bets during the week and all three of them slid out of my favor as the week progressed - some by .5 points and some by 1.5 points. Yikes. But I'm holding on to all three... at least I know that the betting world agrees with me. Here's hoping that I best my 1-2 record from last week.

Line: Steelers at home giving 2.5 points to the Ravens
Pick: Steelers
Reason: Much has been scribed on NFL Reaction about this game. You can check out my final score predication from Friday to see that picking the Steelers was in the cards for this week.

Line: Giants at home giving 3.5 points to the Bears
Pick: Bears
Reason: Although I have to believe that the Giants know that they need to perform well this evening, I must take the Bears. Urlacher and Peppers alone are enough to make me think that they'll keep this thing within a field goal.

Line: Titans at home giving 6.5 points to the Broncos
Pick: Broncos
Reason: The Titans are a good team but 6.5 is a big line. Look for Kyle Orton to make this a closer game than it appears to be on paper.


  1. I'll agree with you on all of them....but I'm gonna take the Ravens for arguments sake and, of course, pride.

    Good luck today buddy!

  2. Nice Win last night for the Giants. Style points could be penalized by the league but a win is a win. Love the fact that Tiki talked again and the Giants won! Sometimes the best talking is on the field to put someone on blast---sorta.

    Steelers looked like a nice team with the Randle El catch and Charlie Batch still looks like a Good option for the last week before Ben comes back. On the Alex side, I know that the Ravens winning at Heinz Field felt good. Ravens have young stars and this win helps them to stay contenders in the division.

    P.S. Phil did have the better assignment this week over Cris! Mercy! Heh.

  3. 1-2 again! That's why they call it gambling.

    Here's the new rule: If the Steelers are playing the Ravens and Big Ben isn't playing, take the Ravens.


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