Sunday, October 10, 2010

Money Down: Week 5 Best Bets

Let's have some fun with the undefeated and the winless:

Line: Lions at home against the Rams giving 3 points
Pick: Lions
Reason: The Lions have played 4 decent games this year. They may be winless but they no longer appear to be woeful.

Line: Colts at home giving 7 points to the Chiefs
Pick: Colts
Reason: The Colts already have two losses and they are playing the Chiefs at home. Sorry, Todd. Prepare to join the Steelers and Bears with a first loss in your fourth game.

Line: Bills at home giving 1 point to the Jaguars
Pick: Jaguars
Reason: The Bills are terrible.

***Betting lines taken from today's New York Daily News.


  1. The Bills appear to be on the ropes for the year; They got Good Men like C.J. Spiller but they have to find themselves collectively. I feel like they are going to be a while before they start to thread wins together.

    Chiefs are a Good team and today was just one loss against a Colts team that knows consistent Football. I think they are going to be a Playoff team in the WildCard round but the Colts are a force to be reakon with at home and especially after losing games they shoulda had.

  2. It may have taken me three tries, but I finally turned in a perfect performance this week.

    The Lions made life easy.
    The Jags and Colts had me worried but pulled through.

    Sitting at 5-4 on Best Bets for the year isn't great but at least I'm on the positive. I'll see what I can do to keep things going in the right direction.


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