Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Week 4 Top 10

Posting this week's top 10 a little early, since I'm headed out of town on business. Lot of things shaken up this weekend, so let's see where the teams stand:

1) Jets - I thought Rex's mouth, Revis' holdout and Braylon's DWI had them in trouble. (CL)
2) Saints - They can still win games, but need to cure the hangover. (AB)
3) Ravens - With wins over the Jets and Steelers, the Ravens can hang with anyone. (CL)
4) Steelers - Roethlisberger will bring balance to the force that is the Steelers. (AB)
5) Patriots - The defense certainly woke up after laying an egg against Buffalo. (CL)
6) Packers - They’re winning but, like the Saints, they need to straighten up their act. (AB)
7) Texans - If that defense can balance the offense, they’re golden. Brian Cushing should help. (AB)
8) Colts - Good start or bad, the Colts win 11 games and make the playoffs. (CL)
9) Falcons - With the Saints and Packers looking mortal, the Falcons should set aim for more than just a division title. (CL)
10) Chiefs - Two weeks to prepare, but can they remain undefeated against the Colts? (AB)


  1. I like your ten this week... finally got your act together. Nothing about lynch to seattle though? more Bills stupidity

  2. The bills may actually be trying to rebuild now...they should accumulate as many draft picks as they can. Their first rounder should give them a QB to build around.

  3. I think the Steelers are going to remain a Good team with Ben. He made bad choices and can't ever be excused from them. Since the NFL is giving him a second chance, I think he'll show he'll show this is his team and time in the League and keep the Steelers in Super Bowl form.

    Nice pick for the Colts. I think they will be Good this year and make the playoffs but the Super Bowl slump just bit them this year. I see them improving later this year and being able to show they can compete. I think they will start that with the Chiefs being handed their first loss of the year.


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