Monday, October 11, 2010

Week 5 Exposes Weak 3 of Tier 3

News: The Bengals were upset by the Bucs, 24-21. The Chargers were upset by the Raiders, 35-27. The Cowboys were upset by the Titans, 34-27.

Reaction: NFL talk shows often rap about the "elite" quarterbacks of the NFL. The list of candidates seem to change by the week/month/season but two names remain at all times: Peyton Manning and Tom Brady. What's the reason? Because they - and they alone - are the only "elite" quarterbacks in the NFL. During yesterday's wild day of crazy endings and upsets (Man - the NFL is awesome), Tony Romo, Carson Palmer and Phillip Rivers proved why they are clearly not worthy of the "elite" discussion and, really, best described as tier 3 quarterbacks. All three quarterbacks failed to win games in which they were favored and find themselves with a losing record heading into week 6 despite high hopes at the beginning of the season. All had chances to win the game in the fourth quarter. Between them, they threw for over 1,000 yards and still could not secure a victory - probably because of the combined six interceptions.

My assessment of "tier 3" may seem harsh but if Manning and Brady are the only tier 1 quarterbacks, where would you put Drew Brees and Ben Roethlisberger? Certainly not with the Letdown Trio. Brees' and Roethlisberger's fingers own three of the past hand's worth of Super Bowl rings. The Letdown Trio, talented as they may be, have little to no playoff success. Even a former member of the "Elite" club, Brett Favre, made it to two of the past three conference championship games in the twilight of his storied career. The Letdown Trio range in age from 28-30, the supposed prime of their careers.

True, you can't be spectacular every week. Brees certainly was not yesterday. But it's about a body of work. And the bodies of Romo, Palmer and Rivers are all looking like they could use a few sit-ups.


  1. thank you for being on top of things while I was out of rock!

  2. Pardon my delay in posting--I had computer problems with the motherboard bursting in my other computer. It was a Good excuse to get a J Series Sony VAIO!

    I think the aforementioned QBs are still Good but not Elite. I think All Three were surging to that level and have faltered. You can say that all three of their teams were Super Bowl picks for this year and you could been the smartest person in the room in August---Now you might be the only person in the room!

    I think we'll see at least one team rise up and the Bengals maybe that one. (Nothing personal Alex and Chris. Heh!)


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