Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Week 5 Top 10

It's that time of the week 10 time! The Jets remain on the top of our list as they handed the Vikings another loss. It was a tough debate, however, as the Ravens look like the other team to beat in the AFC, but right behind them are the Steelers and the Patriots. NFL Reaction is going to go way out on a limb this week and predict that this year’s Super Bowl will be won by an AFC team...

1) Jets - No. 1 last week. Beat the Vikings with Moss. Still No. 1. (CL)
2) Ravens - If they beat the Patriots in Foxboro, they’re No. 1 next week. No question. (CL)
3) Steelers - With Ben back, this could be, hands-down, the best team in the NFL. (AB)
4) Patriots - Can they bring the soaring Ravens down to earth? (AB)
5) Falcons - According to, the Falcons lead the league standings. Oh, is that cause of the "A" in Atlanta? (AB)
6) Colts - An ugly win over the Chiefs has me wondering; how good is this team? (AB)
7) Giants - Has there been a better team over the last two weeks? (CL)
8) Bears - Forte stepped it up with Cutler out. “Good” teams will do that. (CL)
9) Saints - The teams they’ve beat have a combined record of 1-13. Problem? (AB)
10) Chiefs - A hard fought loss to the Colts in Indy does not kick you out of the Top 10. (CL)

Honorable Mentions - Packers, Titans


  1. Still think the Jets are too high. They don't win they just do enough not to lose.

  2. The Falcons are a surging team that folks are going to notice even better. I think folks that have hung together for a few seasons like Mike Smith and Matt Ryan can show the League how to be youthful in experience and still win games. They got it and will get even better.

    The Jets get my props for beating the retooled Vikings also. I don't think they are going to be dominant but if the Pats aren't careful, the Jets could be superior to them come playoff time.


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