Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Week 6 Top 10

Before we get right into the list, NFL Reaction's own Chris Legentil has a few thoughts:
"When you look at the AFC right now, it’s hard to imagine that only six of those teams will be in the playoffs this postseason. I’ve heard league officials are talking about possibly changing the AFC Championship Game to the Super Bowl. The game following against the NFC will be an exhibition game where the NFC starts with 24 points on the board and the AFC team plays blindfolded."
Cruel? Maybe. Funny? Absolutely. If the AFL could have only seen what 50 years would do for their legacy...but in all fairness, we have a lot of season left! As for week 6:

1) Jets - They’re 1-0 this season when Kyle Orton plays for them in the 4th quarter. (AB)
2) Steelers - Probably #1, but I want to see Ben play against a good defense. (AB)
3) Patriots - You give Tom Brady the ball enough times, he’ll beat you. Ask the Ravens. (CL)
4) Ravens - The Ravens have played all three teams above them on this list...and they're 4-2. Enough said? (CL)
5) Colts - Peyton has two weeks to prepare for the Texans rematch. I like his chances. (CL)
6) Saints - Now that looked like a championship team. (AB)
7) Eagles - Why did Andy Reid call himself “chubby” after the game last week? He’s WAY bigger than “chubby.” (CL)
8) Giants - Playing solid, but the Eagles and Redskins are too. (AB)
9) Titans - Crushing the Jags was nice, not thrilling, but nice. (AB)
10) Falcons - Either assert yourself as the team in the NFC or don’t. Stop teasing everyone. (CL)


  1. and someone posted this on, thought it was interesting

    In order of record (and point differential).

    1 NY Jets
    2 Pittsburgh (+10.8 pts/Gm)
    3 New England (+7.6 pts/Gm)
    4 Tennessee (+10.67 pts/Gm)
    5 Indianapolis (+6.33 pts/Gm)
    6 Philadelphia (+5.50 pts/Gm)
    7 Atlanta (+4.83 pts/Gm)
    8 New Orleans (+3.67 pts/Gm)
    9 Baltimore (+2.83 pts/Gm)
    10 NY Giants (+2.67 pts/GM)

  2. Nice List Alex.

    I actually think Steelers are Number One (nothing personal Alex! Heh!) and they are going to show they can still compete against just about any team in the League. I think its Cool that they are able to win with three different starting QBs.

    In regards to the Andy Reid comment, You're Crazy Chris! Heh! I think the Eagles deserve their place on the list as they are a surging team that deserves respect for playing well this year and with two different QBs (Both PA NFL teams have won with multiple QBs this year). They should have Vick in there but with more experience and coaching I see how Kolb can be decent. Who knows---Dallas could see a PA style Super Bowl in February!

    Ya Never Know!


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