Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Week 7 Top 10

Well, Legentil and I both agreed on the top 5, all AFC, no surprise there. Interesting side-note: the top four teams have really only lost to each other (aside from the Ravens blunder against Cincinnati). Thanks for pointing that out, Chris. The rest of the list this week was fairly similar on both our ends, with just a few teams up or down a spot. So who made our Top 10 this week?

1) Jets - I’m worried the bye week made them better. (AB)
2) Steelers - A bizarre win in South Beach should motivate the Steelers in New Orleans. (CL)
3) Patriots - Anxiously awaiting a rematch against the Jets. (CL)
4) Ravens - Apparently they thought the bye started early. Luckily they showed up in the third quarter, and were playing the Bills. (AB)
5) Titans - Second in points. Third in points allowed. The Titans squad is proving itself as a top team. (CL)
6) Giants - Best team in the NFC, by an increasing margin. (AB)
7) Colts - Upcoming rematch against the Texans...huge. (AB)
8) Falcons - One of the elite teams in the NFC. Would be one of the decent teams in the AFC. (CL)
9) Chiefs - Hanging tough through six games and should hand Buffalo another loss. (CL)
10) Redskins - Four INTs, two words: DeAngelo Hall. Hello Detroit. (AB)

Honorable Mentions: Eagles, Texans. I would include the Seahawks since they are leading their division, but Chris doesn't buy them, and I'll admit I'm not completely sold either.

What do you think?


  1. So Alex, tell me, what is your opinion on the disparity in team skill level between the AFC and NFC? Why do you think it is the way it is?

  2. Trent Dilfer put it the best: The AFC has the tough teams. The big, hard-hitting, physical teams...The Baltimores, the Pittsburghs, the New York Jets...we just don't see any teams in the NFC that compare.

  3. anyone who has the Dolphins outside the top 10 is underrating them... but with that huge special teams eff-up to the patriots, I can see why people would have them lower. Their 3 "losses" are to the top 3 teams, and they basically beat the steelers on sunday, and came VERY close to beating the jets.

    needless to say I'm a huge dolphins fan and I wouldn't have written you if you agreed with the ref's "ruling" against pittsburgh! That was the same ref who made the calvin johnson call in week one.

  4. Don’t know about underrating them, but maybe overlooking them...the #10 spot was pretty open this week but we felt hard pressed to put a team with a Sunday loss (regardless of how it happened) in that position.

    I would argue that the Fish are in the upper tier of the AFC teams, but I need to see a convincing win against one of the better teams to really secure their spot among the top in the league. The other thing is that they’re 3rd in their division with losses to the Pats and Jets...doesn’t bode well for the Dolphins to make the playoffs if they cant win in their division when it matters.

    They play my Ravens in two weeks...the Bills almost got the best of them, but can the Dolphins come to town and actually pull off the upset?

  5. The Steelers are certainly a team that I think is at the top of the AFC. They have been able to come hard with that defense and they have their offense running well with wins with three different QBs under center. They are going to be fun to watch.

    I don't say the Jets are the top team because I think they could be exposed in some games or at the least be one upped. I project the Steelers won't have that problem on Sunday Night against the Saints.

    I like the Eagles and find them to be a team that works hard each week regardless of the QB under center. I feel like they are going to make a late season push to be in the playoffs and then could surprise some people with their performance in the post season.


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