Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Entertaining Randy Moss...

After a very short return to his former team, Randy Moss is cut by the Vikings.

Despite his playmaking abilities, Moss' attitude put the kibosh on his return to the halls of Valhalla (for those of you who know real Viking lore). Behavior problems aside, I feel that Randy Moss can be an asset to some other teams out there. Where do I think he'll be the best fit (and which teams will actually have him)?

Chiefs - The Chiefs are a resurgent team right now, and adding a vertical-threat receiver like Moss would be the right step to getting the Chiefs where they want to be - the playoffs and beyond.
Browns - Bottom line: this team lacks talent, and Moss has plenty of it. Adding him wouldn't hurt at all.

Saints - Think about it. The offense has been struggling, some key players are hurt. Brees is in control of that team and could put Moss in his place, and in his prime down in New Orleans. Add Moss, and I'm envisioning the big numbers Moss put up with Brady when he came to New England...could happen all over again in Louisiana.
Seahawks - Moss would be an instant #1 and give Seattle some options with Mike Williams already in play. But would Pete Carroll welcome Moss after Belichick showed him the door?

Where do you think Moss will head next?


  1. This is a move that is crazy but understood.

    I think it is too soon to have Randy out the door after such a short time. The team could have reprimanded him internally to try to get points across. I don't think this was their only viable option; especially with the season not looking anywhere near as electrifying as last year. He's the Best Receiver on the team and they let him go. I don't think this helps them very much but we all know what Harvin and Rice can do.

    However, Randy did bring this on himself and his antics are as welcome as they were like back in 2003 or any previous era. Doggin it and playing when you feel like it aren't good ways to keep a relationship from going the wrong way. Maybe this will sink in deeper for Randy or maybe a team will just take the baggage and hope its without a fee like Southwest Airlines (Just Sayin').

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