Tuesday, November 9, 2010

*EXCLUSIVE* Interview with Steelers WR Emmanuel Sanders

That's right, it's NFL Reaction's first official player interview. Pittsburgh Steelers' rookie WR Emmanuel Sanders talks to us about his new life in the NFL - from playing with a top team, to just being a rookie. Have a listen!

Emmanuel Sanders | #88 | WR

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  1. Awesome Interview Men! Nice to put voices to profile and Super Bowl pics! Heh!

    Emmanuel sounds like a Cool dude and someone who will do well with the Steelers and NFL. Love to hear that he and PIT bought into what Tomlin told them about the standard with moving on without their starting QB.

    Funny to hear about Foote's debates! Ha!

    Nice Job!

  2. Indeed, nice interview! Nice trying to insert Ravens dominance. To be fair, the Ravens-Steelers game over the past couple of years have been always down to the line, though Pitt's got the more established QB.


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