Monday, November 29, 2010

Sunday's Surprises

Buffalo continued its year of all-for-naught-competitiveness and kept it close against a celebrated Pittsburgh team. Talk about dropping crucial passes, the Bills were one catch away from winning in overtime. The Steelers head to Baltimore next Sunday to face the Ravens, who look stronger as the season progresses. I can't say the same for the Steelers. Nevertheless, Sunday Night's matchup will likely determine the fate of the AFC North and 2nd Seed heading into the playoffs.

The Atlanta Falcons are good...really good. They stood toe-to-toe with the Green Bay Packers, and with the victory, earned their place atop of the NFC and seem to be a clear favorite to win it all heading toward the post-season. The Falcons face their rival Buccaneers next week but, seeing how Tampa Bay has yet to beat a team with a winning record, it shouldn't be cause for too much concern. They meet the Saints again in week 15, and could secure the road to the Super Bowl running through Atlanta...if the Falcons walk away with a win.

The Chargers head to Indianapolis and, with their top-ranked defense, take out the Indianapolis Colts and continue yet another late-season rally towards the playoffs. I'm surprised the Colts didn't fare better against the Chargers, but I see the injury toll is becoming too much for Indianapolis (and Peyton Maning) to overcome. On the other hand, the Chargers might actually be that good. The race remains tight for control of the AFC South, and with only a few games left, the Colts are in danger of missing out on their usual post-season action.


  1. Injury toll for the Colts? What about the injuries for the Chargers? Ryan Matthews & Patrick Crayton are out. Floyd, Nannee, and Gates are all plagued with injures and are in & out of games. They finally get Vincent Jackson back and the guy gets hurt before even playing a down. Their 2nd & 3rd string TEs are both listed on the injury report...

    Rivers is throwing TDs to Seyi Ajirotutu. Who the heck is that guy?!

    Chargers are a solid team. Can't doubt their desire to win.

  2. The Chargers seem to be doing fine despite their injuries...The defense is ranked #1 and offensively their Runningbacks keep stepping up one after another and rushing for 100+ yd games. Combine that with the fact that Phillip Rivers is 19-0 in December and you're looking at one scary team down the stretch.

  3. Good Point about the Chargers looking Good. I think they have the opportunity to have their players that are there now, in the Super Bowl and playing for all the marbles.

    It may sound like I lost my marbles, but I think they are going to have what it takes to beat teams like PIT or NE to run the table. I can see it happening.

    Also, the Colts are not their usual selves. I'm noticing emphasis placed on the injuries and no one mentions any possibility of a Super Bowl slump and rightly so. The team is Good but I'm afraid Good Enough is all they are now though. They can make the playoffs but how deep they go, we'll see.

    Sorry to see that 12 game winning streak for the last seven or so seasons snapped. Snap!

  4. well i think the Colts have finally reached the point where Peyton Manning can no longer 'do it all'.

  5. True that.

    Peyton is the Man-ning (Heh) but even Mario has Luigi for help.

    If you take Luigi out and replace him with Donkey Kong or Diddy Kong, then there would be a problem. Know what I mean?


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