Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Week 10 Top 10

Another Top 10 shuffle this week as the Patriots find themselves right back on top. The Falcons take second with a big win at home over the Ravens, who fall to fourth. The Jets move up to number three despite back-to-back overtime wins to lower tier teams, they could very well be 5-4. A solid thrashing of the Texans this weekend will give me a little more confidence in, what I consider to be, the weakest of the 7-2 teams.

1. Patriots - Brady is fired up. NFL, watch out. (CL)
2. Falcons - A win over the Ravens means big respect and the top of the NFC board. (AB)
3. Jets - Finding ways to win, yes. Worthy of a top three spot, not so sure. (AB)
4. Ravens - Short week and a hard fought loss in Atlanta proves that Baltimore can compete with anyone, anywhere, anytime. (AB)
5. Eagles - Is it safe to use 'Andy Reid' and ‘Genius’ in the same sentence now? (AB)
6. Steelers - The Steelers were 6-3 last year too… right as their 5-game skid began. (CL)
7. Packers - The Packers can put the nail in the Vikings’ (and Favre’s) coffin on Sunday. (CL)
8. Saints - Don’t be surprised if the Saints go on a 6-game winning streak before the Dec. 19 game in Baltimore. (CL)
9. Colts - We’ll find out where the 2010 Colts stand this weekend in New England. (CL)
10. Giants - This team needs to stay focused or it will be a short year. (AB)

1 comment:

  1. Decent List. I like the choices but politely disagree.

    I still think the Steelers are the top team in the League despite their losses. I keep that in mind due to the type of season that this is turning out to be where nothing is safe. Also, they still won with various QBs and have depth at spots like Wide Receiver and Defensive players.

    I think the Eagles were Electric on MNF! MERCY! They were out for the 'Skins and got what they wanted! I think my PA Super Bowl prediction can happen but teams like the Falcons and still the Giants are other reasons that the Eagles have to stay humble. Losses like the Giants had to Dallas at home were bad but can be a dangerous wake-up call before their divisional game against the Eagles.

    This time of year is going to be Very Fun to watch this year!


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