Friday, November 26, 2010

Week 11 Top 10

Apologies for the late posting but an early departure for turkey left me unable to post this on time. Please note that last night scores have no effect on the list below.
1. Patriots - A tough December awaits for the league's top team. (CL)
2. Jets - It can be a coincidence or luck to win so many games like this. (CL)
3. Falcons - The NFC's only 2-loss team has a tough test in Green Bay on Sunday. (CL)
4. Eagles - Michael Vick. (CL)
5. Ravens - If the playoffs started today, the Ravens would have one of the coveted first round byes. (CL)
6. Steelers - Steelers bounced back big time against the Raiders after the Patriots debacle. (CL)
7. Packers - A win over the Falcons would catapult the Packers to where people thought they'd be at the beginning of the season. (CL)
8. Saints - The Saints are showing their mettle after losing 3 games in a young season. (CL)
9. Bears - An inconsistent beginning of the season has turned into a success - but Vick is coming to town... (CL)
10. Colts - The mounting injuries might just be too much for Peyton. (CL)


  1. Nice List Chris.

    I think Peyton and the Colts are going to perservere this year. Peyton will be fine as long as guys do their assignment, as Belichick said of his team, and ensure they have their game ready. The Colts can do this but have little room for margin of error with their record. December is Very Important for them.

    Interesting how after a couple of weeks, and agreeably so, the Giants are not in the Top 10. They have not been able to play 60 Minutes of Football with teams that are clearly not playoff caliber (Cowboys) or have not been able to compete convincingly against a Good team(Eagles).

    I like the list above but no matter how you put the puzzle together I foresee the season getting more wild as it progresses!


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