Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Week 8 Top 10

There are some changes this week in our Top 10 with the fall of the Jets and the Steelers. The Pats and the Ravens sit atop the board this week, and the AFC still leads the charge...

1) Patriots - Best record in the NFL...anyone surprised? (AB)
2) Ravens - Atop the AFC north and an easier second-half schedule have the Ravens flying high. (CL)
3) Colts - Banged up? Peyton Manning can make any young receiver good. (AB)
4) Steelers - The Steelers looked human on Sunday night. (CL) 
5) Jets - The loss against the Packers reminds me of the loss to the Ravens. Great defense can stop this team in its tracks. (AB)
6) Falcons - The Falcons want to replace Roddy White's post season trip to Hawaii with a trip to Dallas. (CL)
7) Packers - Big win on a big stage. Are they back? (CL)
8) Giants - Sorry, Phil. Still not No. 1. (CL)
9) Saints - Was the loss to Cleveland the wake-up call New Orleans needed? (AB)
10) Titans - Fighting for division control, and have yet to play Houston or Indy. (AB)

Honorable Mentions - Chiefs, Buccaneers...the only other teams with 5+ wins, gasp.


  1. Would have added Tampa Bay and dropped the Titans.
    Sorry Legentil but the Steelers are to high on the list after last week.
    Ravens, Colts, Giants, Falcons only tough games this week.
    Could be some BIG movemnet in the top 10 next week.
    Giants finally break into the top 5.

  2. LOVE the respect you got for the Bucs! They are a team on the rise because Josh Freeman is a Man on the Rise! They are a young squad with a Good year so far and I expect them to be able to have the longer end of the stick and even push for a playoff spot.

    I think the Steelers are still Number One in the League. I'd LOVE to imagine (not see cause I don't want the Colts to not make it) what a Steelers/Patriots AFC Championship Game would be like! That would be Awesome-tastic!


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