Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Week 9 Top 10

It seems the NFC has finally evened things out on our lists. The AFC North leads the pack this week, but the NFC is quickly earning their place among the top teams. Our #1 faces a short week and a tough challenge Thursday night...they could be quickly dethroned.

1. Ravens - With the fall of the Patriots, there is no question who’s #1 this week. (AB)
2. Steelers - 5 out of the next 7 at home…Could spell trouble for the AFC. (CL)
3. Giants - The best team in the NFC keeps flexing its muscles. (AB)
4. Falcons - Very short week. Very big matchup. (AB)
5. Jets - Not looking dominant like earlier this season but Sanchez proved he can win a game for his team. (CL)
6. Packers - Aaron and Clay keep things interesting on both sides of the ball. (CL)
7. Patriots - Being crushed by the Browns got the Saints kicked out of our top 10. (AB)
8. Saints - Did what they had to against the Panthers. (CL)
9. Eagles - Still in the Division fight and winning big games to boot. (AB)
10. Colts - The AFC South is too close to be dropping winnable games. (CL)

Honorable Mentions - Titans, Buccaneers, Raiders, Browns (hey, beating the Saints and Pats back-to-back deserves some recognition).


  1. I take the Falcons tonight! (Nothing personal Alex! Heh!) I think they are going to have the advantage since they are at home and are a team looking to get back to the playoffs this season and the push starts tonight!

    I foresee the Steelers being Number 1 during the rest of the stretch for the AFC and the NFL. They are in a Good era right now. They could be like the 2000 Ravens---A troubled star begins the season with controversy and legal problems but wind up winning it all with their team. That's the facts of the Ravens 10 years ago and could be for the Steelers this year.

    Week 10 should be Very Entertaining!

  2. I personally think u should have a weekly post that summarizes the Good, the Bad and The Ugly of the NFL Wannnnna Wannnnna Wooooomppp Woooooomppp
    Wooompp Woomppp...(music from the Good, the bad and the ugly movie) Jets are kicking ass Yeah (New york)....Dallas is sucking up a storm and the coach just got fired (the bad) the ugly would be the pick of the week (you choose)..... I would find it very entertaining.....

  3. You're on the money with Dallas as the bad this week, or they could even be the Ugly. As for the Jets, they almost lost to the Lions so I couldn't in good conscience put them up if I only have 3 teams to pick from. I like this idea tho and might use it as my new tuesday regular post

    Here's a quick one for week 9:

    The Good: New York Giants - Seattle never stood a chance.

    The Bad: Dallas Cowboys - I don't think Wade Phillips getting canned will help anything, these guys are awful.

    The Ugly: New England Patriots - They looked pretty damn sloppy against the Browns, who looked fantastic.


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