Thursday, December 16, 2010

Delayed Week 14 Top 10

It's the busy holiday season again, so I'll be handling the commentary solo this week. Ok, I'm one day late, but it's no surprise who's at the top again this week...

1) Patriots - Another Super Bowl for Brady and Belichick? I'd take that bet.
2) Falcons - The NFC Road to the Super Bowl will likely go through Atlanta.
3) Steelers - Setting themselves up for a comfortable (and needed) first round bye.
4) Saints - A week 16 rematch with the division leading Falcons awaits, but first a trip to Baltimore.
5) Ravens - This team needs to put together a solid 4 quarters. If they can do it against the Saints, people will be impressed.
6) Eagles - They face the Giants on New York...dun dun duuun.
7) Giants - Their chance to take the division when the Eagles come to town on Sunday
8) Bears - The Patriots made them look pretty home. Methinks it will be a short playoff run for da Bears, if they make it.
9) Jaguars - Who knew a possible headline in Jacksonville could read: Jags Beat Colts Again, Win Division.
10) Jets - Mayday, mayday.

Honorable Mentions - Chargers, Dolphins (for beating the Jets and staying in the hunt).


  1. I like that Bente has the Dolphins AT LEAST in the conversation here. Not only for beating the Jets and staying in the hunt, but for having an elite defense. Remember... the Dolphins are a botched call against an elite team (Steelers) away from being 8-5. This is a sold ranking. Well done guys.

  2. *solid ranking, not "sold" ranking.

  3. Good List Alex.

    Its me to say it as a Colts fan but the Pats are Back. That domination and potent game play are back. They are able to execute well and make things happen with or without Moss. Just a complete Football Team.

    Da Bears (Shout out to George Wendt) are a team that I always thought would perform well since their coach is on the hot seat (like the Jaguars are too). I feel like they will be in the playoffs but despite a Good effort could be bounced in the first round. I sense an intriguing game on MNF. Cold to the Bone!


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