Sunday, December 5, 2010

Ravens vs Steelers

Between the holiday shuffle and running errands, I lost track of time and realized we're just over an hour away from kickoff of one of the biggest games of the year. The Steelers head to Baltimore and whenever these two teams meet it's a battle of epic proportions. Now it's even bigger with the AFC North title on the line, and potentially 2nd seed in the AFC heading into the playoffs.

Without further ado I'm just going to spill it: I'm taking the Ravens (duh) to win this one at home and continue their streak toward the post-season...

Ravens 24 - Steelers 20


  1. This one is gonna be physical and there is going to be a close final score.

    I think this one is a definite Good One and the fact that it is a division game makes it sweeter.

    Gotta say I hand it to the Steelers but not shocked if the Ravens take it in the end.

    THIS is a Football Game!

  2. Ravens...big dissapointment in Baltimore right now, but I think they are the better team. Needed this win tho.

  3. Yeah; That was a Bad way to lose that's true.

    But I still like the Ravens as a Good team and will keep them in mind as a contender. Its just that Chris' Steelers took this one. Good Game.

    Best Wishes down the stretch.


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