Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Week 12 Top 10

Even though many power rankings put the Falcons up top, we're going a different way at Behold this week's top 10:

1) Patriots - The Pats are back in top form, and can still be better... scary. (AB)
2) Falcons - Best team in the NFC... undisputed. (CL)
3) Ravens - Perfect opportunity to solidify themselves as a playoff-ready team on Sunday Night. (AB)
4) Jets - I fear this team is headed for a big crash...could start Monday night in Foxboro. (AB)
5) Steelers - Penalties, fines and ugly wins might be enough for a division title. (CL)
6) Saints - Returning to old from at just the right time. (CL)
7) Bears - Took down a red hot Mike Vick. (CL)
8) Packers - Hung tough against the Falcons and still a safe bet to win the division. (AB)
9) Eagles - Still leading the division, but no gimmes left on the schedule. (AB)
10) Chiefs - You're in the Top 10 but check the December rearview mirror for the Chargers. (CL)

1 comment:

  1. Imma an Eagles fan since 2003 and Love Alex's honesty there. The Eagles are gonna have to keep the Falcons in the back of their mind cause I think they have a chance to play each other in late January. No margin for error in December for the E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!

    Chris made a Good point on the Chiefs. I think the team is deserving of being in the Top 10 but they have to watch out for a team that people are buzzing about after beating Peyton Manning at Home. Chiefs have a chance but Chargers have the advantage.


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