Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Week 13 Top 10

After some big games this past weekend we find a bit of a reshuffle in our top 10.

1) Patriots – They’re baaaaack. (AB)
2) Falcons – The Falcons are lethal at home and it doesn’t look like they will have to play any road games in the playoffs. (CL)
3) Steelers – The big win over the Ravens will mean nothing if the Steelers drop their remaining division games to the Bengals or Browns. (CL)
4) Saints – Can they defend their title in Dallas? The rival Falcons might have the biggest say. (AB)
5) Bears – The surprises keep coming. (AB)
6) Ravens – Blew probably the biggest opportunity of the year on Sunday. (AB)
7) Jets – They are who I thought they were. (AB)
8) Packers – How did a popular NFC Super Bowl prediction at the beginning of the season become a sleeper? (CL)
9) Eagles – Back to back road games against division rivals loom. (AB)
10) Chiefs – Biggest division lead in the NFL, can they put it away with a win over the Chargers? (AB)

Honorable Mentions – Giants, Jaguars

Chris and I are both on the road in Tacoma this weekend for some Showtime Championship Boxing, but we'll do our best to post some things here and always, check NFL Reaction on twitter for quick reactions and updates to the latest NFL news.

1 comment:

  1. Good Point on the Packers.

    I think they are going to have a chance to make it in the playoffs but they are now having to answer to the Bears (shockingly). I think they did get bit hard by the injury bug but also have not performed as expected this season.

    I think the Steelers can get a good rest of the stretch going if they stay healthy with who they have and not fumble a late game lead. They have been playing Good Football but not dominate football the last month or so. I like them and expect to see them deep in the playoffs.


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