Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Week 15 Top 10

Boy-howdy, things are getting exciting as we make the final push towards the playoffs. There were some epic games this weekend and some changes in our top 10 lineup as well:

1) Patriots - NFL Reaction is considering just ranking 2-10 through the rest of the season. (CL)
2) Falcons - Does this rematch against the Saints even matter anymore? (AB)
3) Ravens - When Ray Rice is that active, this team is unstoppable. (AB)
4) Eagles - Turned a shellacking into a motivating win; that’s what good teams do. (CL)
5) Jets - Much needed win and confidence boost in the Steel City. (CL)
6) Bears - On their way to the NFC North Title...who knew. (AB)
7) Steelers - No Troy = No Spark + No Win. (CL)
8) Saints - A hard fought road loss in Baltimore is nothing to be ashamed of, but it looks like there will more tough road games in the near future. (AB)
9) Colts - Taking out Jacksonville and grabbing control of the AFC South should never have been a question, right? (AB)
10) Chiefs - Cassell will have his mettle tested in the playoffs, if Kansas City makes it. (CL)


  1. The Patriots are High Rolling! They have a lot going for them that make it hard to dethrone as the Top team. They're Just playing Top Cool Football. Shout-Out to O-Lineman Connolly!

    The Falcons are Good too. I think they are capable of playing any team in the League and being Good in it. I expect some Good things from them in the post season.

    I do like that the Bears have not only played to win the NFC North but have helped to save Lovie Smith's job. He secure now In My Opinion and they could hold on past their first round of the playoffs.

  2. I have to say that I disagree with putting the Patriots first this week. THey barely beat a starting quarterbackless Packers, where as the Falcons have been consistantly good as of late. I dunno, just a personal opinion. I say Falcons one, Pats two


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