Friday, December 3, 2010

Weekend Forecast (Week 13 Picks)

Let's start out with a winter weather pick six:

I see a strong front moving towards Tennessee, as the Jacksonville Jaguars look to stay atop the AFC South. My Pick: Jaguars

Heavy noise pollution in Kansas City this Sunday, and the struggling Denver Broncos will have a hard time finding any comfort in the hostile conditions. My Pick: Chiefs

Gathering December storm clouds occupy New York and the minds of Giants Fans, but familiar territory is on the horizon in the form of the division rival Washington Redskins. My Pick: Giants

Tampa Bay can brace itself for another impact, because the Falcons are coming to town. Things get nasty quick when the Bucs play a better team. My Pick: Falcons

Green Bay is too cold for 49ers. My Pick: Packers

Despite being indoors, the Colts have quite the southern gust heading their way. Indy's banged up and might be too frail to handle the resurgent Cowboys. Ether way, it's going to be a blustery battle. My Pick: Colts

Other Picks: Bears, Saints, Vikings, Dolphins, Chargers, Rams, Seahawks

Am I missing something? Don't worry, my Sunday and Monday night predictions are still to come...


  1. I see the Redskins losing too. I think the Giants have been looked at strangely with their recent skid after it appeared they were on Top of the NFC. The team is inconsistent but I say they get this one in spirited division competition.

    Especially against the Broncos now, I pick the Chiefs to win it. I think they will be fine with this team and should earn a spot in the playoffs. They are young and not impressing everyone but I think they are showing how they can do things with the Good Talent they have.

  2. I'm taking the plunge:



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