Sunday, January 23, 2011

Championship Round Picks

The Final Four. Here we go:

Game:                           Alex:                                 Chris:
GB @ CHI                    GB                                      GB
NYJ @ PIT                   NYJ                                   PIT

2010 Record:             164-102                             165-101

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  1. I got Packers and Steelers as well. I just don't think the Jets are at the level where the Steelers are and will win it. They have a Good Season this year and are to be commended for their playoff run but I see the Steelers ending their run. Bears are a Good squad of players and they did quite a nice turn around after last season but I expect them to see a conclusion to their season come today at home. Its still gonna be a packed day of Football to say the least.

  2. I disagree with the AFC pick, Alex. I think it'll be GB & PIT in the Super Bowl this year.

  3. I'm devil's advocating this one...

  4. Good Win Chris. Enjoy it Man. This team know Good Football. Love that Brown catch for the First Down to make it official to milk the clock. PIT-GB: Its Gonna Be Fun!


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