Thursday, January 20, 2011

Championship Round Rankings

We're down to the final four. Who's the most likely to win the Super Bowl? Let's see how they rank going in to the championship games.

1) Steelers - Could Peter King’s whacky Super Bowl prediction come true? (CL)
2) Packers - The Packers are playing better than anyone else in the league but the Steelers Super Bowl experience give them the advantage. (CL)
3) Jets - In August, Rex Ryan foresaw the Super Bowl for his team. Does he read palms too? (AB)
4) Bears - Playing like there’s no tomorrow because, well, there might not be. (AB)


  1. Nice List as usual and I fully agree with it. Can't argue with the Jets being ahead of the Bears. NYJ earns its props after taking out two division champions At their hizzy! Also, the Bears beat a sub .500 squad at home. That game will be Epic. Also, I like the Steelers being Number 1 because they have the most talent on one team of any team remaining. The Steelers will have a successful game but it won't necessarily be a cake walk with playmakers like Cromartie and Edwards on the Jets squad.

  2. I could have pushed more for the Packers to be #1, they beat the Falcons convincingly where as I feel the Ravens gave up the game to the Steelers more than anything else...but hey, thats just my opinion.


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