Thursday, January 13, 2011

Divisional Round Power Rankings

This was a hard decision because we have such great match-ups this weekend. Only four get to advance, two of our top much is at stake.

1) Patriots - Brady doesn’t take kindly to midweek insults from his opponents. (CL)
2) Steelers - Round 3 of the Bruise Bowl, can they survive the Ravens one more time? (AB)
3) Ravens - Can the red hot road warriors continue to roll? (CL)
4) Packers - Big win over Mike Vick and the Eagles has the Pack roaring toward Atlanta. (AB)
5) Falcons - Finishing in first place is much different than winning in the playoffs. (CL)
6) Bears - They lost to the Seahawks once already this year. (AB)
7) Jets - Only one team has ever beaten P. Manning and Brady back-to-back. (AB)
8) Seahawks - Cinderella, meet Pumpkin. (CL)


  1. The Bears lost to the Seahawks by 3 points the week after Cutler suffered a concussion. With a healthy Cutler, the offense won't stutter and fail this time. Plus, a week off will do them good for healing up.

  2. Couldn't agree more with the list. I actually feel like the Seahawks have a chance against the Bears. The regular season match-up was a nice preview on how they could possibly match-up. The Bears are better than that though, so we'll see.

    The Patriots may have had that One & Done Exit from last playoffs from the Ravens' loss in their mind all season long. I think they'll be ready for the Jets and will play like themselves this playoffs. I expect for it to be a Good game but it won't be as easy as many seem to think. The Jets can get things done when they play consistent football. It'll be a Big Day for the Fighting Rex Ryans, Win or Lose.


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