Thursday, January 20, 2011

High-Priced Super Bowl Tickets Not Even in the Stadium

The NFL is charging something in the range of $200 for seats outside Jerry Jones' Wonderland, so you can watch the game in the parking lot on a jumbo-tron. Sum that up in one word.

In a word? Arrogant. Or at least that was my reaction for ESPN's SportsNation when they posed the same question. Yes, the Super Bowl is arguably the biggest sporting event in America every year, to which people will pay exponential amounts of moola to attend, but would some consider this a sleazy move? Probably. Greedy? Most definitely.

But what about brilliant? Most of you are content with sitting at home on your couches enjoying the game in the comfort of your home, all the while thinking that spending lots of money to watch it on a bigger TV somewhere just outside the actual event is idiotic and foolhardy. The NFL, however, believes there are still plenty of fans who will shell out copious amounts of cash to enjoy said spectacle by getting as close to the action as possible, even if it means a spot on the grass (or asphalt) mere feet away from thousands of cheering fans watching the game sans commentary. And you know what, they are absolutely right.


  1. Nice Points Alex. The Super Bowl is a Big Deal each year. It drives the economy, the President and celebrities who otherwise seem to not care are making picks and people have parties and attend them when they otherwise may not care. It does pull in lots of interest and money. I think there are fans who will pa money to sit outside the venue and watch it on the Big Screen. I think its A Bad Idea but there's money in it and people can say "I would know, 'Cause I was there!". Still carries that elite affect and presents an exciting opportunity for those in modest budgets and event excitement.

  2. P.S. Pam Oliver is gonna be there! That's Cool With Me!


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