Saturday, January 22, 2011

NFC Championship: History Loves Company

Talk about two teams that have a history. The Chicago Bears have played the Green Bay Packers a mind-numbing 182 times. That's a lot hits, sacks, passes, runs, and of course...touchdowns.

The NFC Championship matchup on Sunday adds one more game to the long standing dissension and, in this writer's opinion, is a perfect way to take this rivalry into a new era. On one side we have the Green Bay Packers, the mighty Cheese Heads, the historic descendants of Lombardi. Lead by almost-elite quarterback Aaron Rodgers, the Packers have struggled to make it anywhere in the post-season under this new regime...until now.

On the other side, the new Monsters of Midway, the Soldier Field soldiers...the Chicago Bears, and their (somewhat) new quarterback, Jay Cutler. The Bears have been up, down and everywhere in between in recent years it seems. Four years ago, current Head Coach Lovie Smith lost the Super Bowl. Last season they were 7-9 and looking on as their rival Packers and Vikings headed to the playoffs. This year they've looked as strong as ever, but have been constantly questioned along the way. Are they for real? Do they have what it takes? Well they're playing for the NFC Championship against their rival Packers tomorrow. Is anyone still wondering?

What a perfect way to round off the NFC half of the season, by having two of the oldest teams face off with their new prominence. The Bears are for real, and have silenced the doubters one game at a time. The Packers finally look like a Super Bowl ready-team, despite overwhelming injuries. They've both made it this far and to show for it, they have the championship game ahead of them. But who wins?

Sorry Bears fans, I think this team is good, no question, but Super Bowl good? They lucked out facing the Seahawks last round, and as everyone saw, that was barely a contest. The Packers have taken out serious teams (the Eagles, the Falcons) and are on a hot streak the likes of which grants players rings. This should be a great game, but I'm taking the Packers to edge their rival and send Mr. Rodgers' Neighborhood to their first shot at the Lombardi Trophy.

Packers 23 - Bears 20

By the way, I picked the Packers to make it to the Bowl at the beginning of the season...just sayin'.

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  1. Ha! Nice pick Man; Love the title too. I think the Bears have had a Good season and they are well maintained with the talent and coaching. However, the Packers have been surging up to this point for a few seasons now. They seem more primed and ready. Seeing a piece on ESPN reminded me that the Packers are sorta like the 2007 Giants. Also, Lovie deserves to come back next year but we'll see if the Bears get soft in the middle of his new deal he should get like the last deal he got. Packers 28 Bears 17


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