Monday, January 3, 2011

Playoff Power Rankings

Well, I was going to tag-team this one with Chris, but he gave me some darn good commentary, and I couldn't have said it better myself. So with twelve teams left, who is most likely to win the Super Bowl... or at least get there? Here's our order:

1) Patriots – The NFL’s most dominant team only needs two home wins (where they are undefeated) for a trip to Dallas.
2) Steelers – After overcoming incredible obstacles, they’ll need to overcome one more for their seventh ring... most likely a win in Foxboro.
3) Ravens – If any team is used to playing the post-season on the road, it’s the Ravens. If any team can beat the Patriots and the Steelers, it’s the Ravens.
4) Falcons – No away games on the path to the Super Bowl. Go with the odds.
5) Saints – The road to this year’s Super Bowl will be more difficult than last year’s, but far from impossible.
6) Bears – A guaranteed divisional-round home game keeps the Bears in the top half of the list.
7) Colts – Depending on which Peyton shows up to the playoffs, the Colts could make a run.
8) Eagles – Michael Vick and a good road record give the Eagles an outside chance.
9) Packers – Aaron Rogers' hunger to win a playoff game will need to be stronger than the Packers’ road performance this season.
10) Jets – They started 2010 with a bang, but are no better off heading into the playoffs this year than last.
11) Chiefs – After the home loss to Raiders, don’t expect a different outcome against a better team in the Ravens.
12) Seahawks – C’mon. Really?


  1. seahawks!!!! lol maybe this the year we get falcons-ravens superbowl!

  2. Happy MMXI NFLReactionation!

    Patriots are certainly #1. They dominate and take their jobs seriously. I expect them to do the same this time and not repeat last year's one and done performance (to Alex's pleasure).

    The Falcons were in for a tough game in that finale of Monday Night Football. I think they are still The team in the NFC but can't let the margin for error gain any ground with the opponents as they won't be push overs.

    NFL Playoffs 2011, Take Me Away!


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