Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Super Bowl Ad Preview - "Snap Out of It"


Well my friends at Hyundai are at it again with some new, creative ideas for this year's big game.  Here's what they have to say:
Hyundai’s “Snap Out of It” campaign addresses years of consumer complacency towards the compact car segment. Through a series of shorts that parody the history of compact car advertising, Hyundai tells the story of the hypnotized consumer mindset, conditioned to purchase compact cars for practicality and reliability, regardless of their uninspired design and limited innovation. Enter the all-new 2011 Elantra, a no-compromise alternative that finally screams “Snap Out of It”.
Last year, Hyundai rocked the world with their prediction that Brett Favre would play another 10 years, which, at the time, didn't seem so far fetched. Now...not so much.

This year they've gone a different route, trying to enter the minds of the viewers with notions of conspiracy, secrets and illusions, Not a bad choice, considering Americans seem to thrive off of any of those concepts. At first glance, the commercials certainly get my attention, but upon further review, they tend to share the same staged, viral attitude you see with your average fan-made YouTube videos (the "sheep" look so real, don't they?). Not really something I'm usually impressed with, although I did get a little dizzy watching the leg thing, in that "trippy" kinda

At any rate, it certainly gets me questioning things about cars (something I am very familiar with, being an automotive enthusiast and quasi-gearhead). I'm from the school of thought that believes the car you choose to drive can, in many ways, define you. Not sure if driving a Hyundai Elantra would fit my own personal idiom, but at least the campaign gets people thinking about what they are, or have been cruising around in, and might make them look for something new. And for some of you, a new Elantra could fit the bill. So in that respect, well done Hyundai.

But are these ads Super Bowl worthy? I'll let you be the judge. Take a look at

Stay tuned for Super Bowl team commentary and previews...

1 comment:

  1. The Legs one is a nice touch froma guy's standpoint but not Super Bowl worthy.

    The sheep one is Good. Animals doing tricks and being human-like is Always a Winner. Love those.


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