Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Bowl XLV

We're mere hours away from the 45th Super Bowl, as the NFC Champion Green Bay Packers take on the AFC Champion Pittsburgh Steelers.

I'll keep this plain and simple. Out of the teams that made the playoffs, I'd argue that this is the best matchup possible. I know -- obvious considering they both made it to Dallas, but unlike last season, this year's big game features two teams with powerful defenses. Combine that with elite quarterbacks, strong offensive weapons, and an over all balanced attack (the Packers seem to have found a running game as of late), and you're looking at two teams that are set for a battle of epic proportions.

So who has the edge? While the Steelers have knocked off opponent after opponent heading through the playoffs, each game came with a challenge. None of the victories came easy. The Packers on the other hand, have powered through the NFC's best with what seemed like little effort, including crushing the early Super Bowl favorite Falcons, 48-21. The Falcons also had a solid defense. So what gives the Cheese heads the edge? You guessed it, Aaron Rodgers. The young man has finally taken a big step and lead his team deep into the playoffs, and now to the Super Bowl. He is playing hotter than any player stepping on that field in a few short hours. As I see it, the game is in his hands. This will be a battle, no question, but from what we've seen this post-season, the Packers style and play on both sides of the ball will be exactly what it takes to take down the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Packers 28 - Steelers 21

Enjoy the big game everyone and be sure to follow @nflreaction on twitter for game commentary! And for everyone like me who's favorite team isn't in the Super Bowl, well, we're all undefeated tomorrow.


  1. Nick's Picks -

    Packers - 24
    Steelers - 17

    Packers will get a Defensive touchdown

    Big Ben will get another rape accusation

    Nick Out!

  2. I picked the Steelers to win over the Packers 31-28. This one is gonna Rock and Roll all the way. No Blow Outs at all.


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