Thursday, April 28, 2011

2011 NFL Draft 1st Round Live Blog

Ok sports fans, as much fun as this live blogging is, I'm going to leave it to the professionals (for now). Enjoy the remainder of the first round and I'll catch you all later!

10:03 - Chargers took someone, and I'm sure they'll probably be great but not make it through the playoffs, but more importantly the New Jersey Giants (ew) take arguably the best name in the draft - Prince Akamacarena!

9:53 - Folding Laundry

9:52 - Does it matter who the Patriots pick, they all turn to gold it seems. Nate Solder, yeah I hear he's pretty darn good, cause you know, Brady needs help.

9:42 - Redskins take...Ryan Kerrigan. Ok grabbing a LB for their defense, a plus (if he's a good pass rusher). But hang on, they need a QB! Well it's a pretty safe bet that the Skins won't be making the playoffs again this year.

9:36 - Dolphins take Mike Pouncey, and Chad Henne breathes a sigh of relief that he'll probably be starting another year and getting sacked less.

9:32 - Do the Dolphins get Mike Pouncey? or do the Steelers trade up and nab him right now?

9:29 - Rams get a boost in defense with Robert Quinn. They have a lot of gaps to feel, but this sounds like a good fit. Pretty sure the NFC West still sucks, so maybe the Rams will actually win it this year.

9:21 - Lions get a steal with Nick Fairley falling this low. Lions are getting better and better. They might actually put up a serious fight this season.

9:19 - Vikes can't trade down, so they take Christian Ponder. Gruden made a case for him, Kiper compared him to Chad Pennington. Doesn't bode well for this kid. He'll likely get thrown to the wolves early this season, we'll no quickly if Ponder can handle the pressure.

9:09 - J.J. Watt, Houstons add a solid component to their defense, and they need it. Last thing I remember was the Texans losing a big lead to the Ravens. Defenses prevent that I believe.

9:02 - Redskins squander an opportunity to nab a QB of the future and give it to the Jaguars. Gabbert will be a great replacement for Gerard in a few years. Sorry skins fans, don't see a great future for you.

8:58 - Cowboys take Tyron Smith. I'll just wait until week 3 to make any comments about the Cowboys.

8:54 - Just saw Tennessee took Jake Locker, not to sure what to make of this pick. Yes, the Titans need a QB but I'm not quite sure Locker is the guy, but I guess he could be. I'm interested to see how he develops and if he starts this year. Gabbert still on the board and plenty of teams who could use him.

8:42 - San Fran picks Aldon Smith. Good pass rusher. I gotta go get my laundry.

8:37 - Atlanta moves up, Browns get a hell of a deal. Falcons take Julio Jones and just like that Matt Ryan has another dangerous weapon.

8:31 - Cardinals take Patrick Peterson, improving the defense. Smart. Still curious to see what they plan to do on offense. QB is still a glaring issue.

8:28 - Woops, was ordering food, couldn't do two things at once. Bills draft a Gigantic human being, can't pronounce his name. I hear he's pretty good. My buddy is a Bills fan and he seems happy about the pick (guess Bills fans find anything to get them excited about their team, doesn't take much). I'm actually more interested to see if they draft a QB in the 2nd round.

8:13 pm - Denver takes Von Miller. Their defense really sucks. It just got better, and he hasn't played a single down.

8:10 pm - I'm hungry. Gonna order some dinner.

8:07 pm - Panthers take Cam Newton. Expected, they need a franchise QB, but they also need a lot more help. If Cam doesn't deliver however, the Panthers will probably be drafting another QB this time next year.

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