Thursday, September 8, 2011

NFL Kickoff 2011

Football Season is back as of tonight, and I couldn't be more excited! The defending champion Packers take on the Saints in the first regular season game of the year, and I figure now will be a good time (and last chance) to disclose my 2011 season predictions:

East - Patriots (duh)
North - Steelers (yeah I know)
South - Texans (oh yeah)
West - Chargers (with hesitation)
Wild Cards: Ravens, Jets

East - Eagles (I'm on the dream team bandwagon)
North - Packers (with the Lions second. What?)
South - Falcons (their time)
West - Rams (but really it's anyone's division)
Wild Cards: Saints, Giants

Super Bowl:
Ravens - Packers (same as last year)

Tonight I'm taking the Packers over the Saints, but it should be an outstanding game. Welcome back football!

1 comment:

  1. THose were some Good Games. I liked that Cam Newton came out of the gates to be on fire with his 422 yards. Tom Brady is Terrific with 517 yards and the Colts NEED Peyton Manning. This is where you diginify and validate paying a Man 20's of millions of dollars.

    Some of my division winners I predict will include the Eagles and still the Browns. I know that latter seems like a Far stretch but I can feel that the Browns will surprise people and make Good things happen. I like Colt McCoy as their leader.


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