Monday, March 12, 2012

Hello...Is it me you're looking for?

Hey everybody! So as you may have noticed, I basically took the 2011 season off of blogging. Work at Showtime took up the majority of my time and aside from watching and reading the NFL news myself, didn't have the opportunity to retell/rehash it in my own idiom.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed what I thought was an outstanding NFL season and, like many of you, I'm eagerly following the offseason news (even thought I'm not blogging about it) and awaiting big events like free agency the draft. I may actually try to attend the NFL Draft this year...and if I do, you can be sure there will be blogging about it.

Thanks again for the support and I'll hopefully be back soon!

1 comment:

  1. Great to see you double punch it on Twitter now. I Love My Saints but hate to see them do this stuff to themselves with these bounty acts. I hope they can still pull off a Good 2012 season.

    The Draft is going to be A Lot of Fun as usual. I'm thinking about taking time off for the whole two days. This is Gonna Pretty Sweet as it is Every Year. I can see the Raiders doing Better starting with this Year's Draft and I sense Dallas will turn heads with their picks.


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